“I know what I am about to say sounds like a commercial, but I think it is true.  The Ringneck Ranch provides the epitome of upland gamebird hunting experiences.  Great accommodations, great food, great dogs, great people, excellent scenery, and plenty of birds.  You couldn’t ask for more.” –  R.P. – Painted Post, New York

  “Dear Debra and Keith:  Thank you for another wonderful time at Ringneck Ranch.  You have been so great to accommodate our various hunting parties over the years.  I am concerned that D.C. is far enough away that making it back for future hunts may be difficult.  But you know I’ll try!  I am still struggling to decide whether  I enjoy Ringneck Ranch for the hunting or whether hunting is simply an excuse to eat, drink and be merry. Obviously when the Senator is along, there is no lack of entertainment.  I know he shares my appreciation for all you do for us.” – B.G. – Washington, DC

 “I have chased pheasants in South Dakota a few times and I can comfortably say that your establishment wins hands down.  The personnel and the setting at the ranch are hard to beat.  I will definitely try to make it an annual event.” – R.H., Nashville, Tennessee

 “My son and I had a fabulous time and have memories that we will carry for a lifetime.  There’s nothing quite like the thrill of getting your first pheasant!” –  L.D., Independence, Missouri

  “Everything is first class – the accommodations, the food, the hunt, the service, the people…most importantly everyone sets the stage for a memorable experience.” – T.H., Manhattan, Kansas

 “It was a true pleasure to meet you both and have the opportunity to sample and enjoy the fine hospitality and excellent hunting you offer at Ringneck Ranch.  Every aspect of your operation is first rate, and rarely have I been made to feel more welcome and at home.”  –  J.R., The Coleman Company, Wichita, Kansas

“We would like to say how much we enjoyed our guides and their dogs.  We were very impressed with the professionalism of the guides and know without a doubt our hunt would not have been nearly as successful without them.  They addressed every safety issue before we started our hunt and they did everything possible to make sure we had a very successful hunt.  On a more personal note I was impressed by how they looked out for the “rookie hunter” in our group.  That would be me!  I had never hunted pheasant before this trip and I shot eleven birds and was thrilled with the overall experience.  I have heard great things for the past thirteen years about Ringneck Ranch, but it wasn’t until I started working with our committee and with the folks at the Ranch that I really understood what this experience is all about.  You folks really stepped up to the plate!” – M.S. , Bixby, Oklahoma

“Thank you so much for your hospitality and warmth.  I hope you liked the segment.  I hope you felt the segment brought out the real feeling of what your special community is all about.  Please give my best to all at the ranch and in Tipton.  Good luck, keep in touch, tell the “Snow White Dove” (Vera!) that she is a legend in Denver as well as Hunter, Kansas.”  – T.R., The News Hour with Jim Lehrer

 “I want to say one more time what a great trip we had hunting with you.  The folks that take care of us all reflect extremely well upon you two.  It is not easy to have a large staff always be hospitable to a large number of guests, and it is one of your best qualities.”  –  R.B., Fort Worth, Texas

“Nicholas (my son), John R and his son had a wonderful time and continue to discuss the few days of complete enjoyment spent at the ranch.  I think Nicholas may have stated it best, “Dad, this is one of those rocking chair memories you talk about taking home with you.”  –  V.H., Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

“Another exceptional job of getting us into the kind of terrain and hunting environment that we desire.  The fact that we were successful in all of our outings didn’t hurt either!  As always, the accommodations and hospitality were exemplary.” – D.B., San Jose, California

“Without any doubt this was my finest experience on any hunting trip ever and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my visit.” – R.D., Greenville, South Carolina

“Filming with your group is always special but I gain so much from your outfitting wisdom as well.  I thought you might be interested to know that your name came up with nearly every outfitter with which we filmed.  It seemed that a lot of individuals are listening to what you have to say!  The greatest form of flattery is emulation.” – William Saiff III, host, PBS Cabin Country

“On behalf of the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, I would like to thank you for your assistance during the “Cabin Country” crew’s recent trip to Kansas.  They went home with smiles on their faces and lots of footage of Kansas’ great natural resources which, without your help, would not have been possible.” – KDWP Public Information Officer


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