Answers to some of your pheasant hunting and hunt planning questions!

  • Q – Do we hunt with strangers or large parties?

A – As a matter of practice, we DO NOT combine hunting parties! The ranch habitat has been designed to allow smaller parties of 4-6 to effectively hunt the wiley ringneck pheasant! In a perfect world we would like to hunt parties of five, two shooters on each side of the guide and a blocker to send ahead. Parties of seven are difficult as we usually divide them into four and three. For years we told individuals and twos that we could not practically take them hunting. We now accommodate smaller parties of one, two or three; but with a modest supplement that insures that your hunting party is kept private and that you have your own guide and hunting area. It is very challenging to take one person pheasant hunting – the flush is usually on the other side of the thicket!

  • Q – How much does a Ringneck Ranch hunt cost?

A – Cost is always important for most people’s consideration! Please remember that when you are choosing a place to hunt all necessary services are inclusive in our hunt packages at Ringneck Ranch. Ringneck Ranch Hunting Package Prices

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A – You must ship it to yourself, care of Ringneck Ranch, and you can also ship it home to yourself.

A – Our hunting package rates are based on double occupancy.

  • Q – Are families welcome at Ringneck Ranch?

A – We are family friendly and have several annual hunting parties that consist of three generations. The guys, gals and children are all welcome at Ringneck as hunters and non-hunters. Our future is in those youth that have had an oppurtunity to be exposed to upland wing shooting.

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