Event Planning

Whether it is a celebration, reunion or business meeting, our high plains hospitality insures a successful event. Spring, Summer and early Fall in the Blue Hills always provides the perfect setting for your event. For more details see our Event Planning Price Sheet


Elegant, memorable.. These are words you want to pop into you head when you think back to your wedding. Fantastic, beautiful, unforgettable! All words we can help you achieve. From the grandeur of the beautiful Blue Hills in the background to the intimacy of your friends and family surrounding you on your big day, it will be special.

Family Reunions

Family is one of the most important words to us out here! So it is easy to see how we would make your family reunion as special as possible. Come out, escape the busy life and spend time reconnecting to loved ones. Enjoy indoor and outdoor activities together, as well as hearty food and beautiful scenery.

Class Reunions

Has it been that long!? This is usually the phrase that occurs to you when you hear “class reunion”. Well, no matter how long it has been, we have the perfect place for it. A relaxed casual atmosphere is ready for you to retell those old stories sitting around the firepit.

Banquets & Catering

Business banquets, special catered meals, rehearsal suppers. We have experience hosting and catering all of the above! Of course, our signature homemade pies are always on the menu. During the off-season, we have many menu options to suit your needs.


Ringneck Ranch has the perfect location and accommodation choices for your retreat. We offer all levels of accommodations to meet the needs and budget of your group. We can transform our meeting room for learning or relaxation, whatever you may need!


We can get down to business too. If a business atmosphere is what you desire, we have meeting rooms for the serious stuff and a recreation room for the fun stuff. We also offer beverage and snack services for those much needed meeting breaks!



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