• Q – How do I make a reservation?

A – We started a scheduling policy over twenty years ago that has worked very well for our guests and us. Generally, anyone that was hunting with us last season is guaranteed the same corresponding days for this coming season. Letters are sent in April to each key person from last year’s groups requesting a deposit to secure those same dates. A very large percentage of our guests return annually, and this procedure helps to prevent scheduling chaos! Often, a party of five wants to become a group of fifteen and that may require some planning logistics. Back to the question, if you want a reservation, call Ronda or Lora at the ranch at 785-373-4835 and they will work to find days that fit your schedule.

More information on Reservations and Deposits

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A – Cost is always important for most people’s consideration! Please remember that when you are choosing a place to hunt all necessary services are inclusive in our hunt packages at Ringneck Ranch. Ringneck Ranch Price Package Page

  • Q – Can I ship my gun ahead to Ringneck Ranch?

A – You must ship it to yourself, care of Ringneck Ranch, and you can also ship it home to yourself.

A – Our hunting package rates are based on double occupancy.

  • Q – Are families welcome at Ringneck Ranch?

A – We are family friendly and have several annual hunting parties that consist of three generations. The guys, gals and children are all welcome at Ringneck as hunters and non-hunters. Our future is in those youth that have had an oppurtunity to be exposed to upland wing shooting.

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