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(Some of the following information was extracted from Outdoor Writer Mike Pearce’s article about Ringneck Ranch. Quality Upland Gamebird Hunting by Michael Pearce.pdf)


Ringneck Ranch, Inc. in North Central Kansas


Ringneck Ranch®, Inc. is located on land that the Houghton family homesteaded in 1872, a time when the Cheyenne and herds of buffalo still roamed central Kansas.  The ranch sits isolated in a pristine prairie valley looking out on the Blue Hills range.

Keith and Debra founded Ringneck Ranch on their family’s 5th generation homestead in 1983.  Keith was a professional airline pilot for 33 years, retiring in 2011. Debra was an experienced flight attendant and key in managing the hospitality services in the ranch’s development.

In 2022 the Houghton’s handed over the running of the ranch to longtime operations manager, Avery LaCombe, who now owns the operating company, Ringneck Ranch, Inc.  Avery is assisted in the management by Ronda Watson, Lora Barker, and Kristi Lindsay, all longtime staff members at the ranch.

Keith and Debra live at the ranch and will be around for meals and firepit chats!

The headquarters are in the middle of the Houghton Ranch. The Carr Creek, overlooked by the Blue Hills Range, is a wonderful setting for upland gamebird hunting. Traditional hunts in grain fields bordered by native grasslands offer guests the same experience that several generations of our family have always enjoyed. Small hunting parties are led by our gunless guides/dog handlers, equipped with a four-door, four-wheel-drive one ton truck.

The operation includes over 10,000 acres of the finest native pheasant, bobwhite quail and prairie chicken habitat imaginable.  Coverts, ranging from easily traversed thin strips of weeds to sprawling fields of chest-high CRP grasses, are managed with both the hunted and the hunter in mind.  To further opportunities for our guests, we have established several broad sections of ground where gunners can enjoy longer seasons and extended limits.

Gunless Guides, Seasoned Hunt Dogs & Small Hunting Parties

We understand that it takes more than quality gunning to satisfy today’s wingshooting enthusiast.  Hunting parties are kept small for safety’s sake, and all are lead afield by one of the Ranch’s gunless professional guides.  The guides pride themselves on their seasoned dogs from a variety of pointing breeds.

Our superb wingshooting, peaceful lodging and bountiful country gourmet meals, all woven together with exemplary service, are reasons that most guests have established the tradition of an annual trip to the ranch, often returning with the next generation.

Outdoor writer Mike Pearce’s article, encompasses the many aspects of the hunts and services you can expect at Ringneck Ranch.

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