Answers to your questions about visiting Ringneck Ranch in North Central Kansas and Kansas Pheasant Hunting!

  • Q – When is the best time to come to Kansas for a hunt?

A – The last half of October and the month of November is usually classic upland hunting weather. We begin hunting the first of October which can be quite warm in the afternoons. Our guests who come from the south think that is the way it is supposed to be! We usually don’t expect snow until around Christmas, but it can be as early as Halloween. A hunt in a fresh snow is a wonderful experience and is a favorite of local ranchers and farmers. Check out the average daily highs & lows: Average Highs & Lows

  • Q – What is the typical schedule for a Ringneck Ranch pheasant hunt?

A – We work very hard to accommodate everyone’s preferences. Here is a basic overview of what most of our guests experience:

Overview of Pheasant Hunting schedule at Ringneck Ranch

Plan for an arrival at the ranch in the mid-afternoon to check in and possibly shoot a round at the clays course. This helps insure that shooting equipment is in good working order.

Country Gourmet Cooking at Ringneck Ranch

Make sure to get to the supper table on time! If for some reason you are running late, please keep us advised! After supper, there are several social areas for each hunting party with the open campfire being the favored by many guests.

Rise & Shine for Hot Breakfast and Hunting

Breakfast is at 7:30 a.m. with a safety briefing following right at the table for everyone starting their first day’s hunt. Your guide will meet you near your rooms to load equipment, and then you are underway to the field! Break at the ranch house headquarters at about 10am for 20 minutes. General “dissemination of disinformation” at the campfire and mudroom is “SOP” (pilot talk for standard operating procedure!). Then hunt until lunchtime, but make sure your guide brings you in on time for fresh baked bread!

Depart for the afternoon hunt between 1:15pm-1:30pm with a break at about 3pm. We will plan to hunt through the afternoon, unless you tell us otherwise. If you plan something other than an after-lunch departure on your last day, just let us know well ahead time so that we can meet your schedule!

Upon completion of the hunt, your guide will have your vacuum-sealed processed & frozen game in a soft-side insulated zippered cooler for your departure. These coolers work well for airline carry-on. Ice or dry ice are not allowed onboard the aircraft.

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A – We understand cost is always important for most people’s consideration! Please remember that when you are choosing a place to hunt all necessary services are inclusive in our hunt packages at Ringneck Ranch. Ringneck Ranch Hunting Package Prices

  • Q – Can I ship my gun ahead to Ringneck Ranch?

A – You must ship it to yourself, in care of Ringneck Ranch, and you can then ship it home to yourself.

A – Our hunting package rates are based on double occupancy.

  • Q – Are families welcome at Ringneck Ranch?

A – We are family-friendly and have several annual hunting parties that consist of three generations. Guys, gals, and children are all welcome at Ringneck as hunters and non-hunters. Our future is in youth who have had an opportunity to be exposed to upland wing shooting.

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