Feelin’ like a wet Bird Dog!

Well, we here at Ringneck Ranch feel like a bird dog just shaking out his wet coat after a long swim in the fishing pond! (Hopefully we can stretch out in the sun and take a snooze next!)

Knee Deep

We have been knee deep in water, literally. Due the large amounts of rain here in North Central Kansas the last few weeks, the water table has gone on the rise. Needless to say, we not only had rain water flowing into the basement’s but rising up into the basements. I believe we totaled out around 18 inches in 2 weeks time. Good thing we’re not in the heart of Pheasant Season. Keith, Zach and Craig spent many a good morning pumping water and trying to dry things out.

Kansas Wheat Harvest

As wheat harvest comes upon us, we’re looking to the skies for that warm Kansas sun to dry everything up. Many of our staff are involved in farming in one way or another (farmer, farmer’s wife, grandson, truck driver, etc.) So as things slow down here, they wind up all around us and our staff becomes scarce in the office as they head out to drive combines, trucks and fix meals.

With all the wild weather around the nation, we just hope you all are staying safe so you can come back and visit us soon.

Kansas Storm at Ringneck Ranch Kansas Pheasant Hunting Outfitter

Kansas Storm at Ringneck Ranch Kansas Pheasant Hunting Outfitter

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2 Responses to Feelin’ like a wet Bird Dog!

  1. debra houghton says:

    things back to normal, downstairs put back together, looking forward to the upcoming family reunions at the ranch – deb

  2. debra houghton says:

    combines on the move, swarms of them…constant streams of wheat trucks hauling grain to the elevators for storage…hard work, but everyone works together to bring in the harvest…deb