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Latest News from Ringneck Ranch

Train is back in town!

For all of you friends and frequent customers of Ringneck Ranch, pheasant hunting lodge outside of Tipton, Kansas, you know that there are some tired looking and some what abandoned appearing railroad tracks that run through 3 1/2 miles of … Read more

Informational Video

Keith is featured in this video explaining our pheasant hunting procedures. It is a bit dated, but the information about our Kansas pheasant hunting at Ringneck Ranch has stayed at the same high quality level as always! Check him out!

Feelin’ like a wet Bird Dog!

Well, we here at Ringneck Ranch feel like a bird dog just shaking out his wet coat after a long swim in the fishing pond! (Hopefully we can stretch out in the sun and take a snooze next!) Knee Deep … Read more

Summer Happenings and Off-Season Adventures

Summer Happenings….Fall Preparation! Mowing, fertilizing, planting, painting, cleaning….summer keeps us busy with habitat planning & development, and maintaining all of the buildings & equipment it takes to run Ringneck Ranch. All of the preparations have to fit in with the … Read more

Ringneck Ranch Kansas Pheasant Hunting launches new website!

About five years late, we rolling over to a completely new presentation of our operation for long time guests and upland hunters that are searching for an inclusive wingshooting destination. It became apparent that I could not farm/fly and concentrate … Read more