Monthly Archives: February 2012

Jim Champagne Addresses Pheasant Fest Banquet at Kansas City

  Retired Division Command Sergeant Major Jim Champagne was the keynote speaker at the Saturday night banquet of Pheasant Fest 2012. His presentation was about the development of the soldier mentoring program at Ringneck Ranch. He detailed how Ringneck Ranch … Read more

Pheasant Hunt drawing winner at Ringneck Ranch for Pheasant Fest 2012

Thank you to all who registered for the Ringneck Ranch Pheasant Hunt drawing at Pheasant Fest 2012 in Kansas City. We are proud to announce that over 430 people came by and registered! However, there can only be one winner! … Read more

Ringneck Staff goes to Pheasant Fest!

What is Pheasant Fest you ask? Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic is a trade show that will focus on wildlife conservation, upland game bird hunting, dog training, and wildlife habitat management and restoration. In connection with the trade show, Pheasants … Read more