Rifle Matches

2021 Rifle Match Schedule 


April 10-11th, 2021                                       National PRS 2 Day Match

The South Wind Shootout is a two day Precision Rifle Series national match held at Ringneck Ranch in Tipton, Ks. The name “South Wind” comes from the Kansa Native American tribe which the state was named after. They were known as the “People of the South Wind.” Register Here


April 30th – May 2nd     ELR Clark’s Knob                                                                            Can’t Miss ELR Event! Heavyweight ELR Championship Match – BIG GUNS ONLY. Applied Ballistics will be onsite again  this year providing “PDMs” Personal Drag Models via the AB Doppler Radar mobile lab. Target distances range from 1700-4000+.  Big plates with cameras for scoring and flashers for instant feedback. All inclusive packages available. Registration opens February 15th.   

Match Info Here             Register Here

June 12th KPRC Match                                                                                                              July 1oth KPRC Match                                                                

Regular ten stage 100 round match. Match Fee: $40







The King of the Hill is a one day Match held at Ringneck Ranch in Tipton, KS. This is a 10 stage match with a complete blind “unknown” course of fire. Shooters will only be permitted on the stage one at a time and details of the COF including target location and distances are given at the stage.

Cutting Edge 2 Mile Summer Series                                                                                Sunday, June 13th                          Sunday, July 18th                          Sunday, August 15th

The Cutting Edge 2 Mile Summer Series matches at Ringneck Ranch will have 6 targets 2000-3600yds and run 31 rounds. The Cutting Edge matches are all on Sundays, the day after Spearpoint Ranch ELR Saturday matches. Makes a fun 2 day ELR weekend at 2 of the best venues in the sport. Spearpoint Ranch and Ringneck Ranch are only 30 miles apart. Spearpoint match is 1500-2900yds 36 rounds.







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