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Precision Hunter Classes

Long Range Hunting classes at Ringneck Ranch. Learn to hit animal size targets out to 600 yards and beyond. Covering everything from rifle set up, long range fundamentals, natural point of aim, reading wind & trace, and development of a personalized data book with your ballistic information.

Limited spots available. Reserve your spot today as they are filling up quickly. Price includes all range fees.

Intro to Long Range Hunting $100                              Long Range Hunter II $125

  • Intro to Long Range Hunting
  • Sept. 14th
  • Nov. 30th
  • Spring 2020
  • Long Range Hunter II
  • Spring 2020

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Comments from past students who have participated in the class.

Instructors are personable, interactive, very knowledgeable and patient. Classroom content was perfect and not too technical, great for beginners. Shooting drills were perfect to show fundamentals and operations of scope. We like the small groups and one on one attention. I feel a lot more confident about taking a long range shot in the field. 

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July 24-26 (3 Day Course)
DATE: July 24-26 2020
LOCATION: Ringneck Ranch – 655 Solomon Lane, Tipton KS
ROUND COUNT: 400 Rounds
LODGING & MEALS: Ringneck Ranch offers an onsite lodging and meal package. Individual and group lodging options, and individual meal packages are available. Package details
THE COURSE: The Effective LR course concentrates on providing shooters with a wind estimation and external ballistics package. Course elements focus on alternate firing positions, effective employment of AB Solvers, and the practical science of long-range external ballistics. AB Trainers build on the shooters’ ability to judge wind conditions and effectively engage targets using alternate positions. Push your abilities and weapon platform to consistently bang steel out to 1200 yards. Reserve your spot and sign up for this class here.
AB Trainers provide concentrated instruction of external ballistics elements, AB Solvers, alternate firing positions, and refinement of accuracy and precision. This course will continue to build your knowledge and abilities, while trainers introduce more challenging long-range engagements to test your skills.
This course is conducted over three days with classroom and range time, culminating with various 1200-yard target engagements, quickly propelling the shooter forward in ability.
Confidently estimate wind deflection, use AB devices, and accurately engage targets using a variety of shooting positions, methods and techniques.
  • AB Device Profile Calibration & MV Table Generation
  • Wind Reading Analysis, Methods & Strategies
  • Primary and Secondary Effects of External Ballistics
  • Ballistics Solvers & Weapon Employment Zone Analysis
  • Alternate Firing Positions
  • Cold & Clean Bore Application
  • LR Single Target Engagements
  • Multi Target Engagements
  • Rapid Holdover Engagements
  • Team Spotting & Inter-team Dynamics
HOURS: Course participants are requested to meet at the Ringneck Ranch main office no later than 7:30am to commence the first day of training. Course hours thereafter will be 8:00am – 5:00pm. AB Trainers will also be available for follow up discussion and questions upon completion of each training day.
PRE-REQS: US citizen or US person
Participants must be able to produce proof of citizenship or residency status upon request.
We recommend you have completed LR Essentials, or possess the following assumed knowledge to get the most out of this course:
  • Ability to individually achieve LR weapon setup and calibration
  • A working knowledge of external ballistics
  • Capacity to operate AB devices to engage LR targets
  • Competence in exercising weapon safety and handling
Course prerequisites have been put in place to ensure a participant and peers can effectively engage with the course content.
PHYSICAL: Be prepared for three days of range shooting regardless of unfavorable weather conditions.
MERCH BUNDLE: An AB Analytics Bundle and ABTD swag bag will be shipped to the provided address after signup.
AB Analytics download, and licensing information will be provided via email. We encourage you to download and register AB Analytics before the course begins.
EQUIPMENT: Bring your personal AB device or take the opportunity to select between a training Kestrel 5700 ELITE AB or Garmin Foretrex 701B.
Please note the ABTD website equipment lists and restrictions when preparing for this course.
T&C: ABTD reserves the right to cancel courses due to lack of attendance numbers, unforeseen circumstances, or extreme weather conditions. Please read and understand our cancellation and refund policies before course purchase.
By purchasing you acknowledge and agree to all company and privacy policies.

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