Ringneck Ranch, Inc. Beretta White Onyx Raffle Winner

Ken Walker (dad), Haydan Walker, Brennan Walker (brother), Edgar Peck (grandfather)

Saturday evening, March 10th, at the completion of the KSHA Fun Hunt held at Ringneck Ranch, Inc., we drew for a Beretta White Onyx shotgun that Ringneck Ranch, Inc. had sponsored for the raffle.

After thoroughly mixing the 153 purchased tickets, our youngest guest for the Fun Hunt, Aiden Colter, was asked to draw the winning ticket.  He pulled the ticket of Haydan Walker of Topeka, KS.  Haydan’s father, Ken, had purchased several tickets for his two boys earlier in the day.  It appears that Haydan had an advantage over his brother Brennan, as attending the KSHA Fun Hunt was for his 13th  birthday.   

Winner of the Ringneck Ranch, Inc's Beretta White Onyx Raffle, Haydan Walker!

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2 Responses to Ringneck Ranch, Inc. Beretta White Onyx Raffle Winner

  1. Haydan Walker says:

    I LOVE the gun. Infact my parents got me a circuit judge 410/45 for my birthday. So i was blessed with two guns for my birthday 🙂

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