We have traditionally only hunted upland gamebird species that are native to North Central Kansas.  Over the past few years we have perfected hunting Chukar in our native grasslands.  In our Chukar fields you will get to experience hard-flying birds in open grasslands looking toward the Blue Hills.  Chukar are about half the size of pheasants and extremely good fliers.  You will get to witness some outstanding dog work as they quarter the open areas and lock up hard on these quick birds.  Call and talk to Avery or Tyson in the office for more details.  You won’t want to miss out on this high action hunt.

A single limit of 12 Chukar is $180/ hunter and can be added onto any pheasant hunt.  Partial limits are available.

If you are interested in Chukar give us a call ahead of time as we can not add them at the last minute.


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