Keith’s Retirement….. From the airlines!

With a total of 32 yrs of flying DC-9s and MD-80s,

and after 21 yrs of commuting from Tipton, Kansas to St. Louis, Missouri, it’s time to stay home!

Keith wasn’t able to fly the fabled “last trip” as he experienced a precursor to a retinal detachment on a flight to Los Angeles. The flight physical requirements for the first class medical certificate required of airline pilots along with the increasingly difficult commute to St. Louis from Tipton (St. Louis from Wichita via Chicago or Dallas!) with heavy passenger loads were factors in the retirement decision. And besides, Debra has about 21 yrs worth of honey-do’s for him, so it won’t be too much of a retirement for very long!

Keith & Debra Houghton, Kansas Pheasant Hunting at Ringneck Ranch

Keith, Debra and Roux Houghton

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One Response to Keith’s Retirement….. From the airlines!

  1. Del Craig says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on your retirement! You’ve had super career and seen tons of changes within the industry. Thanks for keeping our skies safe. Good luck w/ that honey-do list. Looking forward to seeing you this fall!