Jim Champagne Addresses Pheasant Fest Banquet at Kansas City

Ringneck Ranch Pheasant Hunt Guide

Jim Champagne Hunting Guide


Retired Division Command Sergeant Major Jim Champagne was the keynote speaker at the Saturday night banquet of Pheasant Fest 2012.

His presentation was about the development of the soldier mentoring program at Ringneck Ranch. He detailed how Ringneck Ranch was solicited by Pheasants Forever retired Central Region Director Barth Crouch to donate a hunt that was given away at a banquet for the 1st Infantry DivisionĀ in Baghdad, Iraq.

Sergeant Major Champagne acquired information about Ringneck Ranch that he brought home to Fort Riley, Kansas, which was subsequently used for the development of a soldier mentoring program that has been ongoing for 4 years.

The program has been overwhelmingly successful and enthusiastically accepted by the soldiers in the program.

The now retired Sergeant Major Champagne also spends some weekends guiding Ringneck Ranch hunting guests with his new orange and white Brittany “Vic”.


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