Hunting Safety Information

For safety, large pheasant hunting parties on the ranch are normally divided into smaller groups of four to six. Quail hunting is usually restricted to no more than two in a party. Each group is accompanied by a local dog handler/guide, who can also offer recommendations to help keep your group safe.

Protective eyewear and blaze orange clothing is mandatory. A complimentary blaze orange cap will be provided upon check-in.

Ammunition: excessively powered shells such as nitro-mags and shot larger than #6 are not necessary and PROHIBITED. Hi-velocity ammunition with maximum shot size of #6 is recommended. Ammunition is available for purchase at a very competitive price at the ranch in our Pro Shop. Please call ahead to confirm availability of 16 ga., 28 ga., and .410 ga.

Alcoholic Beverages: consumption cannot be allowed until completing that day’s hunting/shooting activities. If you consume alcohol, you cannot participate that day.

Pheasant hunting can be physically demanding, please know your limitations.

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