Shotgun Clay Range

Our clay course operates with 8 machines throwing a variety of target presentations that will challenge even the sharpest wing shooter. The range can accommodate up to seven shooters on the firing line and common games played by guests are knockout, round robin, and even a 5 stand round.

Cost $12/Round of 25 shots


Upcoming Events:

5 Stand Competition and Knockout

August 26th

Warm-up shooting will begin at 4:00 AM

5 Stand Starts At 5:00 PM

Rounds of Knockout will be shot after the 5 Stand Competition



5 Stand: Includes warm up $25

Knockout $2 per round with 50% payout each round


The Winner of the 5 stand will receive Bragging Rights


For More Info Contact Avery at 804-437-2646 or by Email

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