Rifle Range

Long Distance Rifle Range

Our latest development at Ringneck Ranch is our NEW rifle range. Complete shooting gallery with more than 70 AR500 steel targets to shoot at. Whether you are a skilled precision rifle shooter, predator/big game hunter,  or a target plinker this range offers a fun shooting experience for everyone. Target distances range from 100 yards out to 1300. Range is open to the public. Guests must check in at the Ranch Office prior to shooting at the range. For large groups and weekend shooting times please call ahead to reserve the range (785)-373-4835. Office hours are 8am-5pm Monday through Friday. During the hunting season October-December the range is only open to hunting guests, large groups by special appointment, and special events hosted by the Ranch. 

Ringneck Ranch is also a Athlon Optics dealer. If you are in the market for a new scope or would like to upgrade come check out our line of optics. To view a complete list of Athlon optics including (long range scopes, AR platform scopes, red dot and prism scopes) click here.

Daily Range Fee – $25/person

2018 Scheduled Shoots at the Ranch

KPRCKansas Precision Rifle Club” Matches coming up summer 2018! Our rolling hills create a  unique and challenging terrain to shoot in.


2018 KPRC Schedule at Ringneck Ranch
     June 9th      July 22nd    September 15th

You do not need to be a KPRC member to shoot in the match. For more information about KPRC matches click here.

June 9th Course of Fire

July 22nd Course of Fire          Course Map 

Sept 15th Registration

Sept 15th Course of Fire            Course Map

Extreme Long Range Shooting – If you want to test your limits we can set the range up for ELR shooting Target distance range from 1500-2000 yards.


The calendar below is subject to change.  Call ahead to confirm the range is open.

RIFLE RANGE is CLOSED during the hunting season. Large groups that would like to use the range during this time can submit an inquiring the the Ringneck Ranch Office. info@ringneckranch.net or call 785-373-4835.

Our prairie dog towns are a fun way to test your shooting skills.

Take aim at our large Buffalo target. Target distance over 1000 yards!

Coyote hunters can practice on our steel coyote targets roaming the pasture at the ranch.

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