Cool Down After the Melt Down

Finally, a break in the terrific heat that has plagued Kansas, and the Midwest, all summer.  And we’ve had a few rains lately for which we are very very grateful…the temperatures cause everyone to pause and think of fall….even the hunting dogs seem to sense that opening day is closer…

The guys have kept the old water truck pretty busy all summer, bringing water from the ponds to the thirsty trees all around the ranch yard, and one can see the difference all of the effort has made, especially in the young trees & plants. 

This month we are getting some painting done, re-rocking some of the south driveway (watch out!) and getting all of the staff lined up for the kitchen, housekeeping, guiding, and bird cleaning.

Counting the days to opening of our 2012 season: October 1st will see the return of our long time friends in the Gibbons group…and then Katie-bar-the-door, the season is on again! 


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