Clark’s Knob Memorial Marker….

The original limestone marker that was placed on Clark’s Knob overlooking the ranch in memory of Clifford Houghton’s passing in 1988 had become worn over time, abraded by wind and weathered by temperature changes through the seasons.  The details & dates on the original marker were eroding quickly…

Last month, this very fine black granite memorial inset into a harder variety of limestone was placed on the hill…the Houghton Family, including Mrs. Clifford (Bernice) Houghton and Clifford’s sister, Lois, gathered together to dedicate the replacement marker on June 20th.

Most of the artwork on the marker is from a photo that was taken years ago of Houghton cattle in the pasture below the hills.  In honor of Clifford’s efforts in starting up Ringneck Ranch, a pheasant was placed in the grass in front of the old wooden windmill.

Marker 2015 on Clarks Knob

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