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Dog tired, but patiently waiting to get back to the field…

Here Comes the Bride!

NINE weddings this summer? Who would have thought that the Ranch would be hosting nine weddings this spring and summer!  As we say “Katie-bar-the-door“!! Let the celebrations begin!

Still Time to Make a Run for the Ranch!

There is still time to make a run to the Ranch for an end of season hunt!  Call the ranch for open dates between now and March 12th…    

Young Hunters with Chukar & Pheasant

Two young guests from California, December 2012, with their chukar and pheasant harvest….

Guide Craig Dilley with Avery

Guide Craig Dilley with his Lab, Avery, on a sunny November afternoon at the Ranch….

Reservation Time!

This is a great time to renew your fall hunting reservations, change dates or group size!  

PHONE TROUBLES – trying to call the Ranch?

Our locally owned rural telephone company is trying very hard to correct the problems we’ve had receiving calls from various area codes. Evidently it is very complicated because it originates in a switching mechanism from the caller’s long distance provider … Read more

Our telephones are not working properly!! We’re still here!!

Our inbound telephone lines are not working properly!! Please email or call 785.545.7532 if you cannot reach us!! We are still here!! Actually, for 30 years now!! Hoping our local rural telephone company can straighten this out asap…sorry for … Read more