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Ringneck Ranch Staff goes to CPR training

Ringneck Ranch staff attended CPR training in Lincoln. Hunting season must be upon us as several of our staff members made the bi-annual pilgramage to renew their first aide and CPR training. We had another event at the ranch that evening that preoccupied some of … Read more

National Pheasants Forever board meets at Ringneck Ranch

Howard Vincent & the national leadership of Pheasants Forever gathered at Ringneck Ranch last week to refine organization, policy and plan this years Pheasant Fest. Pheasant Fest will be held in Kansas City, February 2012. This was the National Pheasant … Read more

CLFT comes to Ringneck Ranch

Below is a story written by Richard McCabe of the McGraw Wildlife Foundation: Anna sort of got it even before the workshop started. Denise got it during an ethics discussion. Charlene got it during a fire pit gathering when no … Read more

Leadership Mitchell County Meeting held at Ringneck Ranch

Wednesday and Thursday this week, the meeting room in the Cedar Lodge at Ringneck Ranch was filled with chatter, planning, laughing and learning. The 2011-2012 Leadership Mitchell County class met to kick off their year with orientation. The staff at … Read more

Dog with World’s Longest Ears

As you probably have realized, we at Ringneck Ranch, love dogs. Not just hunting dogs, but any dog. (Especially Debra. She has a big heart for any lovable canine.) So here is a fun article about a coondog. This is … Read more

Fall in Kansas & Hunting Calendar

It seems the fall weather has finally arrived in Kansas! Today it is a delightful 75 degrees with a light wind. O the beauty of Fall in Kansas! The weather change seems to affect everyone around here, including the dogs. … Read more

Kansas Dove Hunting at Ringneck Ranch

Here is our new information if you are interested in dove hunting at Ringneck Ranch, in North Central Kansas. Dove Season begins September 1st!     Dove Shoots: Full Service, Low Service and No Service shoots available   Full Service Dove … Read more

Train is back in town!

For all of you friends and frequent customers of Ringneck Ranch, pheasant hunting lodge outside of Tipton, Kansas, you know that there are some tired looking and some what abandoned appearing railroad tracks that run through 3 1/2 miles of … Read more

Informational Video

Keith is featured in this video explaining our pheasant hunting procedures. It is a bit dated, but the information about our Kansas pheasant hunting at Ringneck Ranch has stayed at the same high quality level as always! Check him out!

Feelin’ like a wet Bird Dog!

Well, we here at Ringneck Ranch feel like a bird dog just shaking out his wet coat after a long swim in the fishing pond! (Hopefully we can stretch out in the sun and take a snooze next!) Knee Deep … Read more