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Ringneck Staff goes to Pheasant Fest!

What is Pheasant Fest you ask? Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic is a trade show that will focus on wildlife conservation, upland game bird hunting, dog training, and wildlife habitat management and restoration. In connection with the trade show, Pheasants … Read more

Ringneck recently in the news!

Here is a link to the article outdoor writer Mike Pearce wrote recently featuring Ringneck Ranch and our special visitor! Here is another article about a special hunting dog that prowls our ground with his guide partner Brad: … Read more

Keith retires from the airline

Keith Houghton Retires From Airlines: written by Fred Smith from the Tipton Times   Captain Keith Houghton of Tipton has retired after thirty-three years as a commercial airline pilot. Houghton made his last flight in May of this year and … Read more

Support Farmers and Ranchers

Farming is not just a job, it is a way of life. This could not be more true anywhere than the beautiful state of Kansas that we call home. Many of Ringneck Ranch’s staff members are also farmers, ranchers, farm … Read more

“Hunting Christmas Break” from KDWP

News from Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks Dec. 15, 2011 Many seasons open during Christmas, New Year’s break PRATT — Most people take some time off work during the Christmas and New Year holidays, and this is a perfect … Read more

Thanksgiving 2011

In light of the fast approaching holiday we celebrate here in the United States, we thought some Thanksgiving fast facts and games would be interesting to our audience. Along with some information on the ritual of hunting turkeys for the … Read more

Ringneck in the News!

One of our local Wichita news stations came up to Ringeck last week and put together a video and story about us!  Here is the link: Check it out!    

Some of our recent guests at Ringneck Ranch!

Stephen Johnston and Bill McGuire stopped at Ringneck this last week for a pheasant hunt. Bill, who just won the US Western Open Sporting Clays main event in San Antonio, and Stephen were on their way to participate in the … Read more

Fred Smith, Retiring Guide

Letting Go Editorial by A.E. Smith (from the Tipton Times) I’ve never been good at “letting go.” Releasing my hold on people, places, and things seems to be the story of all my lives. If there were a category for … Read more

Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems holds board meeting at Ringneck Ranch

MCHHS board members gathered at Ringneck Ranch meeting facilities on a Monday afternoon to discuss policy and leadership for what is considered one of the finest rural regional health care servers and facilities. MCHHS is located in Beloit, Kansas and … Read more