The Ringneck Shop

Whether at Ringneck Ranch to do some quality Kansas pheasant hunting or just here to kick back and relax with family and friends, our proshop has many unique items for everyone. From baby apparel, to Columbia and Beretta hunting vests and coats, we have something to take home to remember your trip.

Ammo Prices in the Ringneck Proshop:


#7.5 Fast Lead                                    $15.75


#7.5 HV                                               $13.75

#7.5 Shooting Dynamics                     $8.95

#6 Golden Pheasant                           $18.75


#7.5 Target                                          $8.95

#6 Game Loads                                  $15.75

16, 28 and .410 only available in certain brands

Below is just a taste of the other items in our Proshop!

Beretta Sweater and Hunting Shirt

Beretta Sweater (Shown in Green), Columbia Button Up Shirt (Shown in Khaki), Ringneck Ranch Mugs

Beretta Hunting Vest & Ringneck Ranch Cap

Beretta Hunting Vest with Ringneck Ranch Logo, Ringneck Ranch Blaze Orange Cap

Tshirts and Plush Animals at Ringneck Ranch

Ringer T (Shown in Purple), Onesie (Shown in Blue), Ringneck Ranch T-Shirt (Shown in Brown)






Beretta Caps, Ringneck Ranch Mug

Tshirts and Plush Animals at Ringneck Ranch

Ringneck Ranch Logo

(Can be put on custom items for your customers and clients too, just call at least 3 weeks before your visit.)








Beretta Hunting Coat, Beretta Cap


Tshirts and Plush Animals at Ringneck Ranch

See our many Plush Animals, they even make lifelike sounds!


Columbia Hunting Shirts

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