A High Plains Spring Blizzard…

Storm clouds descending over Houghton House….the temperature suddenly dropped thirty degrees, then the blizzard started! If you have never been in a high plains blizzard, it is very dramatic…snow comes sideways at about 30-40 miles an hour, piles up into huge drifts, enough to cover vehicles, livestock, buildings, closing driveways, roads and I-70.  All exits off I-70 from Russell, Kansas westward all the way to Denver have huge gates that swing shut to keep folks from traveling on I-70 and getting stranded for days in the heavy snow.  Most folks that live on the High Plains in the winter keep a shovel, coveralls, water, radio, cell phone & charger, flashlight and snacks in their vehicles,  just in case!!  The good news is that today, we have meteorologists to help us be prepared and stay safe! Just stay home on the ranch, fire up that big ole diesel generator, get out the yahtzee and keep baking!

Thanks to guest Bob Snider with the Whitney party for this dramatic photo taken from the north side of the Cedar Lodge building, near campfire area…

Houghton House 09March2013 Pre Blizzard

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