Monthly Archives: March 2013

A High Plains Spring Blizzard…

Storm clouds descending over Houghton House….the temperature suddenly dropped thirty degrees, then the blizzard started! If you have never been in a high plains blizzard, it is very dramatic…snow comes sideways at about 30-40 miles an hour, piles up into … Read more

Lucky Little Girl

Lucky Little Girl, adopted by a wonderful family that has been hunting with us for years…looking forward to seeing this little liver and white Brittany back at the Ranch sometime this Fall…thank you Ed, Jane & Sam for giving this … Read more

Cabela’s National Ad Campaign: “It’s in your nature”

Ringneck Ranch has been an official “Cabela’s Wingshooting Lodge” for many years now.  It was a wonderful privilege to be invited to participate in the taping of their new national advertising campaign “It’s In Your Nature”.  Below is the wallpaper … Read more