Monthly Archives: October 2011

Fred Smith, Retiring Guide

Letting Go Editorial by A.E. Smith (from the Tipton Times) I’ve never been good at “letting go.” Releasing my hold on people, places, and things seems to be the story of all my lives. If there were a category for … Read more

Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems holds board meeting at Ringneck Ranch

MCHHS board members gathered at Ringneck Ranch meeting facilities on a Monday afternoon to discuss policy and leadership for what is considered one of the finest rural regional health care servers and facilities. MCHHS is located in Beloit, Kansas and … Read more

Ringneck Ranch Staff goes to CPR training

Ringneck Ranch staff attended CPR training in Lincoln. Hunting season must be upon us as several of our staff members made the bi-annual pilgramage to renew their first aide and CPR training. We had another event at the ranch that evening that preoccupied some of … Read more