Monthly Archives: June 2011

Feelin’ like a wet Bird Dog!

Well, we here at Ringneck Ranch feel like a bird dog just shaking out his wet coat after a long swim in the fishing pond! (Hopefully we can stretch out in the sun and take a snooze next!) Knee Deep … Read more

Keith’s Retirement….. From the airlines!

With a total of 32 yrs of flying DC-9s and MD-80s, and after 21 yrs of commuting from Tipton, Kansas to St. Louis, Missouri, it’s time to stay home! Keith wasn’t able to fly the fabled “last trip” as he … Read more

Summer Happenings and Off-Season Adventures

Summer Happenings….Fall Preparation! Mowing, fertilizing, planting, painting, cleaning….summer keeps us busy with habitat planning & development, and maintaining all of the buildings & equipment it takes to run Ringneck Ranch. All of the preparations have to fit in with the … Read more